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Virginia Chiropractic Political Action Committee

Virginia ChiroPAC Contacts

Brad N. Robinson, DC - Chair, Virginia ChiroPAC Board of Directors, Norfolk, VA, 757-588-8908

Bo Keeney, Virginia ChiroPAC Office, 804-643-0312

Virginia ChiroPAC Contributions

Virginia ChiroPAC

ChiroPAC is a voluntary, not for profit, incorporated committee operating as a separate segregated fund of the VCA. Its purpose is to advance and protect the health of the people of Virginia by encouraging the political activities of public officials and candidates for public office in both the Commonwealth of Virginia’s executive and legislative branches, without regard to political affiliation, who foster, advance and protect the people of Virginia’s interest in chiropractic health.

To accomplish these purposes, ChiroPAC solicits funds for carrying out its objectives, support, promote and contribute to public officials and candidates for public office, in the executive and legislative branches, and supports and enhances the legislative and political programs of the unified VCA.

Pledges for 2022 Received as of 4/12/2022

Robert Bowie Society ($1000+)

Dr. Michael Amato
Dr. David Dolberg
Dr. Christopher Frey
Dr. Corey Malnikof
Dr. Bibhu R. Misra
Dr. Taylor Myers
Ms. Wanda Myers
Dr. Minesh Patel & Dr. Nisha Saggar-Patel
Dr. Mathias M. Pastore
Dr. Chris Perron
Dr. Allision Schwartz
Dr. Sam Spillman
Dr. William Ward
Dr. Adam L. Wilding
Quintessential Chiropractic -
(Dr. Katrina Mayes & Dr. Theresa Graf)

Gold ($600-999)

Dr. Marco Accordo
Dr. Jeff Bowers
Dr. Philip Connolly
Dr. Sherri Wright-Cox
Dr. Gary Dennis
Dr. Joe Foley & Dr. Diane DeReu-Foley
Dr. Alicia Haupt
Dr. AJ LaBarbera
Dr. Linda Larsen
Dr. Robert Leib
Ms. Marilyn E. Porras
Dr. Brad Robinson
Dr. Steve Trauben
Dr. Aaron Trochim
Dr. Julia Trudeau
Chantilly Chiropractic Center -
(Dr. Todd Fisher, Dr. Gregory Page, & Dr. James Munse)

Silver ($400-599)

Dr. Joe A. Cantu
Dr. Douglas Cox
Dr. Jennifer Rathmann

Emerald ($200-399)

Dr. Chase Bollig
Dr. Eric Carlsen
Dr. Paul Cronk
Dr. Robert Eagan
Dr. Tarek Elganainy
Dr. Stephen Genthner
Dr. Meredith Harwell
Dr. Stephen Hussey
Dr. Robert Ioven
Dr. Wendy Jacobs
Dr. Erin Kline
Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus
Dr. Marc Lunenfeld
Dr. Michael A. Pasternack
Dr. Michelle Rose
Dr. Suzanne Santjer
Dr. Martin Skopp
Dr. Will Sonak
Dr. Christine Stewart
Dr. Carly Swift
Dr. Lawrence Svihla
Dr. Shandon Thompson
Dr. Michael Vanella
Better Bodies Chiropractic, PC -
(Dr. Jeffrey Foddrell, Dr. Ginger Foddrell, & Dr Jenni Pfeffer)

Bronze (Up to $199)

Dr. Anna Bender
Body Logic
Dr. Taylor Bollig
Centreville Chiropractic Center
Dr. Cynthia Chapman
Dr. Suzanne Coffey
Dr. Thomas Connelly
Dr. Chris Connolly
Dr. Christine Fallwell
Dr. J. Stuart Garner
Dr. Miok Hyoun
Dr. Carmen Johanning
Dr. Shawn Keegan
Dr. Kimberly Lewis
Dr. Terry Lieber
Dr. Laurel Beth McLean
Dr. Ralph Nebling
Dr. Robert Pinto
Dr. Justin Quail
Dr. Michael Vanella
Ms. Ruth Waddell
Ms. Brittany Watts
Dr. John Whitlow

Robert Bowie Society

The Robert Bowie Society was started by John C. Willis, DC as a tribute to Dr. Robert Bowie, one of the first chiropractors in the state of Virginia. Members of the Robert Bowie Society ("The Society") have made contributions of $1,000 yearly to CPAC/Virginia ChiroPAC.

Dr. Bowie was raised in southwest Virginia. He graduated from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1927 and started his practice in Galax, Virginia in 1928. He soon met a major obstacle: a letter from seven medical doctors informing him that the law required any practicing doctor to be a graduate of an approved medical college and licensed by the state of Virginia. They suggested he leave town immediately. When he continued to practice, he was arrested, fined $30 and ordered to leave town immediately. He appealed the conviction and continued to practice. He was arrested again, fined $500, and given 90 days in jail. Dr Bowie appealed that decision and with the testimony of his numerous patients, the jury found him "not guilty" in thirty minutes. Six of the medical doctors ultimately became his friends and patients.

In 1943, Dr. Bowie was elected to the Virginia General Assembly. He was instrumental in obtaining Chiropractic licensure in Virginia and was the first Doctor of Chiropractic to serve on the Virginia Board of Medicine.

The Society was created to recognize the CPAC donor who does more than his or her share -- and to motivate the rest of us to do the same. Society members receive no acclaim and do not ask for any -- just Like Dr. Bowie. Dr. Bowie was modest and sincere, always doing more than he had to and never asking anything for himself. Some give little or nothing, yet tell the PAC what to do with the money someone else gave. It is CPAC's hope and intent that donors named to the Robert Bowie Society will feel pride and achievement.

Fortunately, we no longer have the threat of prison. What we have to do is less dramatic. But it is what we HAVE TO DO and it is just as important. We have to give money, sometimes when it hurts -- in essence, our own little "JAIL” sentence.

For a list of current Bowie Society members, see listing above.