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Legal/Legislative Fund


The UVCA Legal/Legislative Fund is earmarked for association expenses related to legal and legislative initiatives that extend beyond usual operating costs covered by the general fund.

This fund is separate from and not related to the Virginia ChiroPAC.   ChiroCPAC is a voluntary, not for profit, incorporated committee operating as a separate segregated fund of the VCA. Its purpose is to advance and protect the health of the people of Virginia by encouraging the political activities of public officials and candidates for public office in both the Commonwealth of Virginia’s executive and legislative branches, without regard to political affiliation, who foster, advance, and protect the people of Virginia’s interest in chiropractic health. For more information regarding Virginia ChiroPAC or to donate to that organization.

Please Contribute

To donate to the UVCA Legal/Legislative Fund please click on the button above.

The UVCA’s x-ray film recycling project is another way that money is raised for this fund.  Dr. Chris Bruno developed and manages this successful program.  Dr. Bruno collects old films from chiropractic offices throughout Virginia, then transports them to a silver recycling company to generate revenue.  While most individual practices don’t collect enough silver to justify the time and expense of making this effort themselves, the combined amount from multiple practices can be significant -- plus it gets those old films out of your office!  You can drop off your sanitized films at:

  • UVCA spring and fall conventions. (Check the Events Calendar for upcoming dates and locations.)
  • Chris Bruno’s northern Virginia location. Email Dr. Bruno to make arrangements.
  • Contact one of the volunteer drop-off locations to make arrangements.