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Member Recruitment

The most sophisticated membership pitch from the Association can't hold a candle to a personal recommendation. Thanks for helping to make your colleagues aware of the benefits of membership and for inviting them to join.

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Member Sponsors

(At 11-22-2023)

5 New Members:
Dr. Philip Golinsky
4 New Members:
Dr. Taylor Myers
Dr. Marty Skip
2 New Members:
Dr. Christine Fallwell
Dr. Jason Kennedy
Dr. Carmen Johanning
1 New Member:
Dr. Michael Amato
Dr. Chris Bruno
Dr. Keith Jassy
Dr. Shawn Keegan
Dr. AJ LaBarbera
Dr. Holly Moriarty
Dr. Chris Perron
Dr. Teresa Phillips
Dr. Michael Placide
Dr. Sam Spillman
Dr. Aaron Trochim
Dr. Tom Wetzen
Dr. Daniel Whitenack
Dr. John Whitlow

2023 Campaign

  • For every new member you sponsor you will earn a $25 VCA Value Voucher you can use for a UVCA convention or other educational program or your dues.
  • A chance to win a $100 gift card at the mid-October Fall Convention. You’ll receive one entry into the drawing for the gift card for every new member you’ve sponsored by that meeting.
  • New member sponsors are recognized at UVCA events, in the UVCA newsletter, on this website, and more.
  • The individual who has sponsored the highest number of new members at 12/31/2023 will receive $100 for each new member sponsored, up to $1,000!
A huge thanks to Chirocenters Management Corporation and Chiro1Source for sponsoring the Grand Prize!

Recruitment Tools

Click below for materials to help you encourage your non-member colleagues to get involved. It includes:

  1. Benefits highlights
  2. Testimonials from existing members
  3. Membership application

Be sure to write your name in the space for "Referred by" on the application.

VCA Value Voucher

As a small token of our appreciation, for every new member that joins with your name under "Referred by" on the application, you will receive a $25 VCA VALUE VOUCHER.

  • You can use this towards a future Unified VCA convention or seminar registration or dues payment.
  • You’ll earn a $25 VCA Value Voucher for every new member you recruit, regardless of the new member’s membership category or whether he/she joins via EZ-Pay or with a lump sum payment.
  • There’s no limit to how many you can earn, no expiration date, and you can combine multiple vouchers.


For assistance, please feel free to contact the Unified VCA office at any time.