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I love the unified association. Thanks for joining us together and leading us down the path of inclusion. When I chat with chiros from other states, I am so proud of what we have done here.

Dr. Holly Moriarty, Sports Chiropractor
Gainesville, VA


The VCA-obtained AG opinion regarding Assignment of Benefits alone will pay for everyone’s member dues through retirement!”

Dr. Bill Thesier
Virginia Beach, VA


Whenever we have a question come up in our office in regard to Medicare or billing, [the UVCA specialist] quickly emails us back a response to our question so that we can have an expert opinion on what steps to take.

Ms. Jenna Busch, Office Director
Front Royal, VA


"Best $ I ever spent! Just wish I would not have waited for so long to join!!"

Dr. J. Higley
Powhatan, VA


See what other members are saying about joining the VCA!

I have learned so much from joining the VCA. Thanks for your hard work.

Dr. Tejal Patel
Ashburn, VA

It's simple . . . The UVCA provides the tools for success. If you're not being successful, than you just aren't using the tools.

Dr. Jeremy D. Busch
Front Royal, VA

Thanks again for a very educational weekend, just when you think you know it all, you realize you know very little...Great stuff.

Dr. Phil Connolly
Alexandria, VA

I want to thank everyone that responded to my question on the list-serve earlier. It reminded me of why I signed back up with the Unified VCA last year. Maybe we should remind everyone that "they don't have to be alone". I know in talking to many of my friends out of state, many of them don't know where to go when they have a problem. Having just the forum is a huge benefit besides all the other benefits of membership.

Dr. Michael Vanella
Virginia Beach, VA

I am very proud of where our association is going!

Scott D. Banks, DC, MS
Cape Charles, VA

I have had nothing but outstanding service from you and the rest of the VCA. Thank you for all you do and I will continue to be a member for as long as I practice.

Dr. Cory McKinley
Danville, VA

We're so grateful to have such a well-put together organization in our state... We've used VCA's seminars, the information in the publications we get, and networked with other members for valuable information.

Dr. D. Donofrio
Richmond, VA

Thank you for a wonderful convention. I really got a lot out of it, in all respects – educationally, politically, practice building, and socially.

Dr. S. Vella
Virginia Beach, VA

I'm sure I haven't said it in a week or so....but You Rock!

Dr. Jeremy D. Busch
Front Royal, VA

Best $ I ever spent! Just wish I would not have waited for so long to join!!

Dr. J. Higley
Powhatan, VA

Thank you very much for the great advice that you provided. I got very good information about my inquiry and I am very excited to apply this information. I also wanted to tell you how proud I am (again and again) to be a member of the Unified VCA. One would wish that we could talk to our practicing non-member friends to become members so we can make this profession stronger in the state of Virginia.

Dr. J. Borenstein
Alexandria, VA

As someone that works with state associations and other organizations, all over the country, I can tell you that your responsiveness is top notch. I get slower responses from groups that have 20 employees!

Ms. S. McClelland
Christiansburg, VA

I just wanted to express my gratitude to VCA. I have a patient here who has some pretty serious problems. Thanks to my training at Logan, as well as my experience and continuing training, I was able to perhaps save his life by speeding up the diagnosis of a MRSA infection in his shoulder. Now that he's post-surgical (and here as I type this), I have him on Acupuncture... which I would not have taken if not for the influence of my father (retired) and Dr. Jack Mask (deceased), both VCA members. I also have VCA to thank for bringing acupuncture classes to Virginia, as those credits were a component of my Virginia acupuncture qualification.

I'm spinally adjusting this patient, and using soft tissue techniques that were taught to me by doctors who trained me well. I'm also using Kinesiotape, which I never would have done if not for a prior VCA-sponsored seminar. In addition, today I motion-palpated and mobilized his glenohumeral joint capsules. I hadn't done that since school back in the mid-90's, yet today this patient is benefitting because of the training I received at the VCA Spring Convention in Wintergreen.

Thank you, VCA, for helping me grow as a provider. My patients don't know to thank you; but I sure do.

Dr. D. Shaye
Williamsburg, VA

Thanks again for your help. I'm so glad I joined the VCA; let me tell you, it was awesome to be able to speak to knowledgeable people in such a short amount of time.

Dr. J. Sansfaute
Alexandria, VA

Thank you! I am proud to be a member.

Dr. K. Charney
Virginia Beach, VA

I don't know how we can ever keep up with our profession at times. The VCA certainly helps. Thanks.

Dr. T. Fichtel
Galax, VA

Thank you for your time and service. I am so glad you provide us with such solid information because, as I am sure you are aware, we get loads of coding and insurance advice, and it is hard to determine which is OK to use and which is not.

I cannot imagine why everyone in VA is not a member of the VCA!

Dr. D. Floyd
Spout Spring, VA

You're the best! You always help me and respond so quickly. Thanks!

Ms. M. Neufeld
Blacksburg, VA

I am a sucker for a well-run and well-meaning organization!

Dr. N. Marquina
Richmond, VA

I have been remiss in not attending many of the VCA functions in the past several years. As with many of the former officers I suffered from "burn out" and a desire to stay out of it and let new blood take over and fight the good fight.

I recently attended the VCA meeting in Tyson's corner and I have a few observations: First of all, Julie is the best executive I have seen shepherding the VCA in my 26 years of involvement in the association. The meetings are first class, well attended, on time and professional looking. With the exception of one or two individuals, all the attendees were well dressed and professional looking also and I would not be at all embarrassed to bring a patient or friend and proudly say that that was my state professional association. Second, I have really never known or experienced our VCA president Bill Ward and I must say that I was overwhelmingly impressed. Professional, soft-spoken yet in control and a true leader. He ran a general membership meeting which was not only informative but which allowed any one to have their say without getting rancorous, petty or out of control. The board appears to be proactive and effective. I was more pleased than I can express.

Anyone who has not attended a VCA function lately, for any reason, needs to do so and once again connect with our state association. You need to speak to the doctor down the street and invite him to join the organization which is protecting his right to practice our beloved profession. Anyone who is not is riding the train without paying for a ticket and that individual is a freeloader and a hobo.”

Dr. E. Eisenberg
Richmond, VA

Thanks. You are doing a great job.

Dr. L. Griffith
Glen Allen, VA

You are always accessible by phone and always return any calls promptly and answer any questions our office has had.

Dr. C. Truhlik
Marion, VA

I saw the one guy’s post about other association offices with 20 staffers not being nearly as responsive or effective. I second that!

Mr. B. Miller
Lutherville, MD

You folks at the VCA have always been very responsive and helpful to my staff and me. Maybe we don't thank you enough. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Dr. D. Farrell
Richmond, VA

I have tremendous access to questions/concerns addressed by you at the VCA office via the phone. I must say, you are in large part of why I renew each year my membership. Thank you for all your dedication, commitment and hard work.

Dr. M. Six
Alexandria, VA

I have never asked you a question that you have not promptly gotten back to me on. We think you are fantastic!! Keep up the good work!!” I also asked for a doctor that practices in the Richmond area and again, got a wonderful response. This information was passed on to the individual and I sincerely hope he takes advantage of the services you offer.

Ms. C. Moy
Spotsylvania, VA

Having been active for many years at several levels, I know you do an outstanding job servicing our members. Just keep doing what you're doing as you are providing outstanding service to VCA members and the public as well.

Dr. W. Thesier
Virginia Beach, VA

You do a remarkable job; as a matter of fact I have only heard good things about all that you do. So, thank you, I know that it often goes unsaid, but keep up the good work.

Dr. S. Rawnsley
Narrows, VA


Your accessibility is excellent.

Dr. G. McClelland
Christiansburg, VA


You respond in an amazing amount of time. I have always been impressed with how efficiently you run things. Keep up the good work.

Dr. M. Amato
Staunton, VA


A few weeks ago I asked for some input about hiring a massage therapist as part of our office team. The response was great and I really appreciate everyone sharing their time and expertise.

Dr. P. Keefe
Harrison, VA


Wow....Will the benefits of being a VCA member ever cease? Thank you!!!

Dr. C. Handly
Collinsville, VA


Thanks for your impeccable work!

Dr. C. Sears
Portsmouth, VA

Thanks for doing such a great job day-in day-out!

John Lofgren, DC
Richmond, VA